Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New blog + updates

Oiiiiiiiiiiiii !

So I have something special to announce...

I've opened up a new blog!!! 

(Go go go go ! You know you want to )

The title is pretty self explanatory, I'll be sharing a song each day to keep this writing flow going as much as possible. My music taste is all over the place so there is a lot to share and there will definitely be no repeats. So make sure you drop by and give it a look when you have a chance. Aside from that I'm working on a review for the more recent Supernatural episodes. Luckily for me I decided to jump back in once the season was getting serious (lucky me)
For now it's time to sign off and get back to work (noooooooooooooo!)

- Celene

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Heaven and Hell

So what's been happening in Supernatural Season 9?
To be honest, I lost focus after the fourth or fifth episode... (the one where they were communicating with dogs )

So before I even bother watching the new episode tonight (or tomorrow on my dvr), I'm gonna TRY to watch some of the past episodes I've missed. At the rate the season was going it almost felt like this may be their last season. The plot was alright, you know, nothing we haven't seen before.

Some demon mother escaped from hell (Lilith, anybody?), all of the angels fell from heaven and lost their grace, Crowley became everyone's bitch, Castiel is mortal and obviously even more lost than usual (didn't see that coming hahah).And that's all besides the bro-to-bro drama, which there was enough of already but one of them always has to go and tell a lie and have the other one possessed by an angel to survive, you know, the usual stuff. I haven't lost hope just yet, for the record!

And I just can't pass up this drinking game after 9 seasons of dealing with these guys...

Drinking Game

For now, let's keep our fingers crossed no more people are brought back from the dead. 

Supernatural Pixel

- Celene

Monday, January 13, 2014

Them Monday feels...

It's Monday again and unless you're lucky enough 
A) Not to work on a Monday
B) Not to wake up early for work, school...etc.

You probably have those Monday blues.

Here's a pick me up (cause most of us need it desperately)

OK so that's out of my system now...
Carry on!
Happy Monday (yeah right)

Remember, at the end of a long day, alcohol is your friend...

- Celene

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Downtime at work is one of those painfully boring parts of life you can't ever seem to escape.
Sometimes it's good (when you are sitting in front of a computer, as I am now, blogging to keep me from going coo coo) and sometimes it's really, really bad. (Those moments you start to imagine things, you are sleeping with your eyes open like a zombie, or you go on a shopping spree for absolutely no reason on a random, insignificant Thursday afternoon because Karmaloop has a 25% promo code

Sad, but true. It only seems to be worse when you work full time, because if you finish a day's work too early you'll be screwed for the rest of the day!

So alas, here I am, feeling as though 5:30 p.m. could not come any sooner. I usually read instead of writing, but this seems more productive, and secondly, I get weird stares when I'm focused reading articles and that is enough to make me uncomfortable 

At least we're a day closer to the weekend now!
But it may kick off early for me because I might go to a jam session later tonight, wooooooooo!

Happy Thursday!

- Celene

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Just because its Wednesday...

It's Wednesday
January 8

Today we wear black witches!

- Celene


All of my posts will most likely include animated emojis to over stimulate readers! 


The return...

Hello girls and ghouls...
I AM BACK (!!!?!$%^&*!@#$%^&)

Finally...and let us hope, for good this time.

In an effort to decimate my writers block and kill procrastination, I am going to blog as much as I can manage. I'll write about almost anything (maybe except statistic and politics cause hell no) at this point to get my word flow back. I have to, for the sake of my creative writing. 

So let the rambling begin...if there is anyone out there...shoot me a comment if you have an interesting topic suggestion for me to write about.
You can contact me here or:
 Via Instagram @sicariosideral
or Tumblr @sicariosideral

Follow me, I'll follow back !

- Celene